My Team

Me: I am a native born Texan, grew up in Beaumont during years I was young enough that I didn't know better. It was hotter than all get out, humidity that made my hair a constant frizz ball, and the bugs were so big I grew up with PTSD over them. We moved to Colorado when I was barely a teenager, and I lived there until I was in my 20's. During the years I lived with my parents, I moved at least 24 times, which explains my lack of basic arithmetic skills. I married my high school sweetheart, had a child, divorced by my mid-20's. Enter Cub Sweetheart....

Cub Sweetheart, known for the crown he was given during his senior year of high school, a purple velvet contraption decorated with glue and silver glitter. It's still in the keepsake boxes up in the attic. The first time I laid eyes on him, it literally took my breath away. Thirty-seven years later I'm still very smitten with him. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me in my whole life, but Cub Sweetheart comes in a hard second. Our family is tremendously blessed to have him at the helm.

Someone in the family tends to give her ice cream at night.....
Four years ago, after reading a sappy book about a woman who took a cross-country road trip with her dog, and having one of my daughters move 2000 miles away from me, I found myself in dire need of a four legged friend. We bought a one year old Shih tzu from a woman who had named her Diamond. She came with a car seat, pink polka dot bikini, pink wire kennel, and hair bows. I renamed her Lily, cut her hair short, and one trip into the hot tub in her bikini made it quite clear she does not prefer swimming. I told her we'd have lots of adventures, and indeed we do. She's flown at least a dozen times, sleeps curled up next to me, under the covers, all night long, and she's my daily walking buddy. The best $250 present I ever bought myself in spite of the fact that her haircuts cost as much as mine do.


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