It's a Mess But It's Coming Along

Starting out - one banister removed (the other two are gone now also)
This was called the 'catwalk'. It's all of 5 x 6 and will be the office nook. Teensy nook.
He put in a floor. That's the entry below to the front door.
See? There's the entry. Now we'll choose a light fixture, after we put in the ceiling!
Here's our teensy nook - just room for a desk and file cabinet. After we put in a wood floor so the chair can roll more easily. That window is going to get something called 'wallpaper for windows' with a faux stained glass and frosted glass treatment. I'll post to show you what it ends up looking like. For $100 it was worth trying. If it looks awful we'll pull the glass out and have it frosted, then put it back. 
So now we have an office nook where there was air, and a family room. The french door is ordered. Once it's here and some sheetrock is put up, we'll have a real room that can be closed off and all noises produced by football games can be contained!
Looks crazy but we're getting there. Gotta have a before to get an after!


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