Bodacious Birthday Party At Babes

My better half turned 60 last week, and to celebrate we threw him a big ole birthday bash at Babes in Carrolton, TX. There were 11 of us crammed around that table, covered with fried chicken, chicken fried steak, chicken nuggets (seeing a theme here?), and bowls of mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls. Big people, little people and little people woobies all shared the space and created enough noise to be a bother to everyone within 50 feet of us. At least I hope so.

Well, everyone's there. When you try to photograph five little kids who have been sitting at a table for over an hour - this is what you get. Poor Addie was very tired of having her photograph taken.

We call ourselves 'The Fab Five', because we're the originals to this crazy beautiful family we've grown. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this photo.

Good grief, Caiden - STOP growing. You're starting to look like a boy, instead of a kid. If we don't watch out, you'll grow as big as Uncle D. We've been told it's Caiden's goal to grow as tall as he is - 6'3" and he may just make it!

What do I love about this photo? Dan's funny smile, Janae stroking her very preggie belly, or Grayson giving Landon noogies on his head - hard to choose. Maybe Aunt Nessie taking in the fact that Grayson is giving Landon noogies....



Landon and his Mama dance a bit in the aisles. Do you not love that little hand holding onto her shoulder?
Jae seems quite smitten with her Papa.

Every girl should dance once in awhile, even if it's with her Mama.

The birthday boy had an awfully big smile when he opened his gift card to Cavendars - a store where he can find himself a pair of cowboy boots. Anyone living in Texas needs at least one pair. Fabulous party - only thing that could have made it better was to have our two missing son-in-laws there with us. 


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