Company Girl Coffee Time

Well, Marshal is settling in nicely. Miss Kitty is very reluctant to share her abode with him, but we don't have fur flying, so I think it's going pretty well. Better than expected. He has the LOUDEST yowl, and at 6 am Dear Hubby said it's a very unpleasant alarm clock, to hear Marshal asking everyone to please get up and come play. If he grows into that yowl he's going to be one big boy. Right now, at 7 lbs, he's skinny and a bit of a crybaby sissy.

I'm crazy about him.

Remodeling status - the entire house looks like a bad reality show. Not a single room has escaped the mess, but sheetrockers are coming today to give us a bid and time frame. We got two more walls framed, two more outlets installed (and one was just so I can plug in a little lamp on top of the pie safe, for ambience - pretty nice husband since I'm confident he has no clue what I'm talking about there.) We also had the AC people install two new programmable thermostats. It was interesting to hear that when we run the fan, apart from the AC, it actually pulls humidity from the house. Hoorah for that! Maybe my hair will be less crazy this summer.

Okay, that's probably asking a bit too much.

I read in the paper an interview of a woman from the show, Real Housewives, who had married and had a baby recently. Here's what she had to say about turning 40:  "It just happens to be the year that I start realize, "God, you're starting to look old." Just getting out the door involves a crane. The gray hairs, and you've got to get your eyebrows waxed all the time. When you're younger, you can walk out the door without any makeup on. Now you really need to have under-eye concealer and lip gloss. You've got to get your hair colored once a month. It's a lot of maintenance."

Just two days ago I asked my hairdresser, 'do you have roots like this, does your gray come in this fast?' She said, no and yes. No my roots don't look like yours because, yes, mine comes in that fast so I color it every THREE weeks. And eyebrow hairs - well, I can barely see them because bifocals make that tough, but it's the funky chin hairs that start appearing and you become obsessed with them, and fiddle with them so that you realize you may look like some crazy, old lady when you do so. And you have to avoid salt at all costs because your eyes will be puffy no matter how much under-eye concealer you apply, and nobody 50+ needs anything on their body to be puffy. So if she's finding 40 tough, wait til 50 walks through the door. Feels a bit like being hit by a Mac truck.

But the alternative isn't great either.

That said, hope everyone has a happy weekend. I'm off to DFW to hang out with a beautiful 1 year old for a few days. Maybe, just maybe when I come back home there will be walls in place. Right now it feels a bit Jesus-like, walking through walls.

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