Master Bedroom Coming Along

We're keeping the door to the master bath closed for now. That's on next week's list. The master bedroom is relatively done.
Don used WD-40 on the door and boy does it swing, it won't stay open, so we recruited Marvin to hold it for us. If the cat decides to join us in the middle of the night we grab Marvin by the ear and the door swings shut.
I finally found a piece for the wall above the bed. A teensy bit pricey but it had enough effect I thought it was worth it. Hubby saw the price tag and said 'yes' so I grabbed it. I sewed up a new pillow for the middle of the bed too. Much better than what was there. 
Just a couple of things on the armoire to soften the effect a bit. 
Window treatments came from two different rooms in our PA house, but worked well here we thought. Much better than the blue denim swags that were there when we moved in. Not to mention the TV mounted up high, in the corner. It made me feel like we were in a hospital room. 
A shelf below the chalkboard-painted mirror made it look much better. I still need to pop a photo in that frame. The candle is a flameless, so nothing will burn to the ground. 
This is my new favorite spot in the house, the perfect place to grab the phone and call my mom. 
And my favorite piece - found at Home Goods for $29.99, sitting right next to one just like it for $49.99. Loving small favors! 

I've got a half-dozen photos of the two of us, over the past thirty years, done up in sepia. Soon as they arrive and I pop them into frames - this room is done! 

No time for before photos - just trust me it was awful. We're on our way to the airport to pick up our daughter and 4 year old grandson. It's time to play with all those we love and hold dear. Happy March, everyone.

P.S. thank you, sweet Sarah, for the bedding - love it and love that it was free!


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