Playing with little kids is fun

We're crazy busy around here (I hate that word,'busy' but we really are), so here are a few photos I should have posted a few weeks ago. 
Great park in our town of Corsicana, comes complete with an old firetruck that our grandson, Landon L.O.V.E.D....
but then he really liked this fake gorilla too...
and climbing on this pretend ship, making pirate aarrrggghhhh noises. 

Then we went to the Dallas Zoo with his Uncle D and Baby Jae (who can't be called the baby much longer, since her baby brother is scheduled to arrive in early June.)

Nice vantage point from over six feet up! Our family has decided Jae is the spitting image of her Daddy, just a girl-version, and this photo proves that out. I love everything about this photo, especially those baby feet. And how can you not love that whale spout on her little head? If Dan had a whale spout of his own, they'd be twins.

Fun pretending to drive the jeep at the zoo too. Especially with real lions behind you. 

I'm serious. I really considered putting these warthogs as my profile on Facebook. I didn't but it really amused me to consider doing so. There are days I can relate to this level of living. 
Leslie said at $5.00 a pop for a package of these 'giraffe-allowed' crackers she's glad she isn't paying to feed them all the time, but Landon was pretty brave to stick his hand up there. Wish I could have been on the giraffe-vantage point for a look at his face. 

Crazy remodeling, visiting, serving, yardwork, billpaying going on around here. Taking deep breaths, sleeping hard when we get to. I'll be back soon with some big remodel photos as it's starting to take shape.


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