Words from a kindred spirit

For several months I've been pondering life, schedules, priorities, how to spend my hours and days in ways that not only bless my family, but are God-honoring and keep me on the sane side!

Sally Clarkson, 'I Take Joy', (on my sidebar under 'manna') has just blessed my socks off lately with her words. Seems she's been thinking the same things. She actually wwent away to England to do some deep thinking while some of mine was in Pennsylvania and the rest was early morning hours on our sun porch. but we're thinking along the same lines, and it's always a comfort to hear thoughts echoed, to know we are on the right track, headed the right direction.

So I'm still thinking and sorting and cutting and culling and saying no more than I say yes, and I'll continue to be reading her words, for wisdom, guidance, and just the comfort of another one trying to hear God's voice above the roar of everything else. Don't you love it, when you sit down with a friend, pour your heart out, and see her shaking her head up and down, yes, she gets it, yes, she feels the same? That's what I get from visiting Sally's blog.

Are you needing some wisdom, guidance, encouragement, direction? Make a cup of tea then head over and expect to be blessed. Shes's just flat wonderful!


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