it's not a burden to help this young family unpack. To pack the boxes, haul them to the new place, and then unpack them. It's sweet privilege. The payoff is priceless. Handling a coffee cup, unwrapping it and finding it a new home in the cupboard. Putting together cribs, hanging pictures, making space for little ones to play or be rocked or have diapers changed. Putting pots and pans away, for future meals together, some with friends and family now that they have space.

There are talks that run deep and wide as we unpack each box together, talks that bind hearts together. The chances to serve - taking out trash, folding laundry, figuring out how to run the new cable, find cutips and ointment and clean onesies.

There are moments - watching a toddler dig in the dirt of her backyard with Mama's spoon for the first time, blow bubbles and play with the sprinkler. Apartments on the 6th floor don't offer much of that. Seeing her with melted purple Popsicle running down her shirt and chubby legs, dirty face stretched wide with happy grins.

Meeting friends who stop by with meals and words of encouragement, invitations to future get-togethers. Thumbing through catalogs, talking of plans for making this place uniquely theirs. What a treat to be included in this knitting together of a home, building the family nest.

And did I mention rocking freshly-bathed little ones, popsicle stains and dirt washed away, but it'll take more than soap and water to remove the memories made today.


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