Praying for your children

I've been busy thinking. Thinking about wanting to have a life that is truly hemmed in prayer. For me, for my husband, for our children, their spouses, their children, our extended family, our church, our leaders, those who are ill or struggling. And feeling like I'm not hitting the mark most days. So I went looking for a guide.

Forgive me for not remembering exactly where I heard about this - I think I ran across it on the internet somewhere. Anyhoo - it's a book by Andrew Case called "Setting their Hope in God", taken from Psalm 78:5-7, a guide for praying for your children. It's easier to find a guide for praying for young children, but I've found the bigger the kid, the bigger the problem! And they still need mothers to be praying for them.

Here's what the author had to say about motherhood:

"there's no work more complex, more important, or more exalted than that of caring for children. After all, it's what God Himself has chosen, above all else, to do with His time."

Don't you just love that?! Puts it on a whole 'nuther level as I've heard someone else say.

And what he had to say about a mother's role in praying for her child:

"The genuine love you have for your children, the tenderness you feel for them, and your knowledge of their makeup, needs, and problems, qualify you to plead with God on their behalf with an urgency and earnestness which can take no refusal."

And praying for their welfare (which is a never-ending job):

"Disappointments, sickness, losses, cares, in short, adversity in some forms, will be sure to overtake them sooner or later... There will be times of temptation when they will be in fearful danger. (think teenager) Ask the Saviour to defend them from the spite, power, and wiles of evil spirits, the agents of Satan who are constantly around them. Never approach the throne of grace with your own wants without remembering your children's. Whether or not we pray for our offspring will decide what our distant descendants are to be, and what kind of influence they will exert."

So, to get this book, and his companion book on praying for your spouse, Prayers of an Excellent Wife, go to  You can download it for free, or purchase it for $5 per copy by putting the code 4HM3HHEE  in the box. The code never expires and there is no quantity limit. You can phone 502-802-4383 or email him at

Two very simple guides, to use daily, to cover those we love with prayer. Good stuff!

We've been home a whole week, and now we're off tomorrow to Kansas, pick up my Daddy, turn west and head to Colorado for a family wedding, then trek back through New Mexico for a few days afterwards. I asked my husband to be our tour guide and I hear tell he's booked us a 'llama adventure', 5 miles of mountain hiking with a llama hauling our stuff, and a picnic at the end! Much better plans than I would have come up with.

Back soon. 

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