Pressed but not shaken...

We were gone ten days, we're home 9 days, then we're gone ten days, so we're a bit pressed around here. Minor things like clean underwear, creepy things in the refrigerator and utility companies that expect to be paid are getting in the way with what I really want to do. Still, I thought I'd post a few photos of our trip to Idaho.

Our daughter and her husband and their four year old son moved to northern Idaho a couple of months ago, so we were anxious to go up and see what their life looked like.

Beautiful! That's what it looked like, fabulously beautiful! Not to mention it was twenty degrees cooler that hotter-than-all-get-out Texas.

Here are a handful of photos, hope you enjoy them:

From a child's book, Mugsy and Millie, this is one of five statues scattered throughout the town of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - adorable!
Leslie and Landon - both melt our hearts, always.

We did some exciting stuff, like watch Landon play with kids in the neighborhood splash park.
We drove four hours to Glacier National Park, in Montana - absolutely gloriously beautiful! If you can go, go. Bear spray is $49.95 in the shops there....
Friendly August snowball fight.
We rented bikes and rode the Hiawatha trail, all fifteen miles of it. The most beautiful trail we've ever been on. It started with a 1.7 mile long pitch black tunnel which was interesting.
Came across this beautiful creature at the end of our bike ride - we got to watch her for a good ten minutes.
Nothing as fun as watching 4 and 5 year olds learn to play ball. 
Hiking in Glacier, praying against bears.
Glacier - I picked up rocks here, hauled them home on the plane, and wrote all the fruits of the spirit on them, to put in a dish in our powder room. 
Glacier National Park.
A herd of these showed up after lunch in the park.
I know there's a spot in heaven that looks like this. Absolutely know it. 

Thank you, Jeremy, Leslie & Landon for a fabulous trip. We can't wait to come back for more. Miss you already.

The photos aren't in order, but there's just not time for perfectionism around here right now. I actually read a great quote, by another blogger, Anna at Pleasantview Schoolhouse, who said, 'perfectionism is not your friend.' So I'm going with that thought.

We leave in a week to drive to Colorado for a family wedding - how fun is that?! So I'm not sure how much I'll manage to be around unless elves show up in the night to lend a hand.

Okay, back to the grindstone. 

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