Ready for fall and home

I'm sitting in a hotel, the 7th one in 10 days. if Job ever had a competitor for patience, it's my dear husband, who has hauled luggage in and out of each one, and endured a family wedding and reunion, with nary a word of complaint. I wouldn't have blamed him if he left me somewhere in southwestern Colorado or northern New Mexico and just flew home without me. He needs one suitcase, half filled. I sprawl. Suitcase stuffed to the gills, my pillow, a knitting bag, a treat bag, and a book bag. That doesn't include what I acquire along the way either.

I never told him I was a minimalist. Good thing since that would have been lying through my teeth. I'm not exactly a pack rat, I just feel better surrounded by stuff I love.

So, they got married, my baby brother and wonderful Stacy. He will be a better man for having married her. I got to see my sister, three brothers, parents, and nieces and nephews.

We spent four days in New Mexico, two in Taos and two in Santa Fe. Taos was weird, strange in a very fun, funky way. We saw it all, bought a buffalo skull for our wall, talked to interesting people - not people I'd want to be related to, but interesting. We took a 5 mile mountain hike with llamas, and I was completely smitten with mine, He was so dear, and I hugged his neck as often as I could.

Santa Fe was very different from Taos, but still very interesting. I had no idea that part of New Mexico was so mountainous and twenty degrees cooler than where we live.

We hit Texas today and the car thermometer showed 100 degrees for the first time in ten days; still it will be good to be home, heat and all.

So Septembeer is just around the corner, and I'm full to the brim with ideas - a walking group in our neighborhood, starting yoga on a much more faithful basis, losing ten lbs, taking a writing class online, sewing gifts and home projects, besides getting our kitchen and living room floors replaced next week, and hosting three parties at our home during the month. Once the place is clean, might as well have people over!

I'm more than ready for fall, and cooler temperatures, and the order that seems to flow naturally this time of year.

Soon as we get unpacked, etc I'll post photos from the trip. Be warned, it may make you want to check out Colorado or New Mexico. Me? I'm ready to stay home for awhile!

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