morning dance

I got up just before 6 am. that never happens! now that Don is retired our mornings start slow, and rarely before 7 am. But yesterday our preacher told us a story of a late night dance, in his backyard, a dance just for the Lord, and just because his heart was full of a sense of Gods goodness in life, that goodness that seeps into all the cracks and crannies of everyday living. His overflow was instigated by being forgiven by someone closer to him. We are blessed with a pastor who cares more that he reaches us than that he impresses us, so we were treated to hearing him sing a few verses of a song, and watching him dance a bit of a jig from the pulpit. At the end he challenged each of us to get alone this week, in our own backyard and dance before the lord. I think the point was mainly to let our hearts overflow, but it might also have been to oil the hinges in our knees and elbows. We Baptists can be a bit stiff at times! I can say that because I haven't been one long (we were non-denominational the past 14 years but this is the south) and I don't allow comments so I won't get pelted)

As I tossed and turned in the wee hours of this morning it was too tempting; I just could not stay in bed. The early morning sunrise, hearing the water rushing into our shoreline from last nights windstorm, the possibility of seeing the beavers again, and hazelnut creamer for my coffee, all called out. A year ago we visited our Sunday school class for the very first time. Today, one year later, we are expecting about 40 of them at our home for a labor day picnic. BBQ brisket, homemade ice cream, badminton, horseshoes, and likely lots of talking is sure to take place. We are so blessed! Not only by these people and this church, by our family that is full of wonderful big and little people, parents we still have, health, but also just a sense of God's presence in our lives. That He doesn't just show up now and then, rather He never leaves us, He is never surprised by anything that comes our way, and He loves us the same in our best and worst days.

That's worth an early morning dance.

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