Sweetness to the soul

My blog won an award, but it's my previous blog. The one I don't write at anymore. Still, I made the same list at Pioneer Woman - '50 Best Southern Culture Blogs' - that's sort of fun.  'Day late and dollar short' type of thing, but still my mother will like hearing about it.

I've become a 'yes to chiropractors' person. Only today I realized my back feels better that it has in months and months. Not just better than when I hurt it recently, guiding a llama name Raja through the mountains, but better than it has in ages. Feeling very thankful for that. And learning to say no to chores that are too strenuous for me.

I'm evolving it seems. Little changes here and there. This morning I made this for breakfast. This from a girl who used to eat fruity pebbles.

After paying full price at the checkout of Walmart month after month, I finally subscribed to Real Simple Magazine. Every time it lands in our mailbox makes me happy. The October issue is fabulous, a really great section on handling mealtime, and with school starting up and everything that goes along with that, most of us can use some help in that area. So the next time you're standing in line in Walmart...

BTW, if you do buy the issue, check out the boots on page 46. I'm thinking pretty skunkish.

Always, always a tad behind everyone else - I just discovered Pinterest this week. How did I miss that for so long? If you haven't discovered it, do a google search and let the fun begin! I'm HERE, under Bevy G if you'd like to follow me on there - see what makes my heart go pitter patter.

Our newest grandbaby just turned three months and I got to hang out with him a couple days this week. Oh my, is there anything as sweet as a chubby baby giggling? I don't think so either.

Our next newest grandbaby is working on turning two, and I'm thinking about half of my overall character developed from living with two year olds. The other half might have come during the teen years.

What I'm reading right now is absolutely riveting! A book on our government, how it works, who does what, the entire election process. We're sitting up in bed at night talking about the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the Electoral College vote. I want to be a more equipped voter this next election. That doesn't mean I want to talk politics however. Hate talking politics!

Having decided to save some money at the hairdresser, my hair seems to have grown out. I'm finding it very fun to wear headbands and barrettes and sometimes a funky little ponytail sticking out the back of my head. It's hard to take yourself too seriously with a funky little ponytail sticking out the back of your head.

Pumpkin - all things pumpkin! I'm in the mood to make pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin butter and pumpkin pie and that's exactly what I'm going to do during this weekend's football games.

And finally, for those of you who are techy - a new app to download on your phone.  'RUNPEE'   You let it know what movie you're watching, and it tells you when, during the movie, to make a beeline for the bathroom without missing major plot points. Your phone vibrates at 'go' time and tells you how long you have for the break. I'm thinking this would be very helpful for any of the Harry Potter movies. How can you not love technology?!

Happy weekend everyone, number your days well. 

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