Cats might want to hide for awhile....

Someone said, 'the definition of insanity - continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results.' Funny how we do that, or I do that, all the time, and am not even aware. I won't go into examples of all the areas of life where that crops up, just one.

Expecting our home to be peaceful, serene, neat, tidy, uncluttered and clean but not doing much of anything towards that goal.

Til now.

Here's how serious I am:

 My sweetie's letter jacket. He graduated in 1969. It's been hanging in a closet of our home for how many years? So I asked him if we could do something with it and he said, 'throw it away, I don't care.' Really? Oh my goodness, that seems harsh, but it can't live with us anymore. Sort of like when you want to get rid of the dog or cat, but you have to find someone to give it to so you don't feel bad.

I took a photo of it, took off his basketball pin, and we're donating it to the local playhouse for their costume department. Now he never has to try it on and see that it's just a bit too teensy.

I wore this beautiful suit to both of our daughters' weddings - several years apart and in different states, but it was expensive enough, and perfect enough, I couldn't think of a good reason not to re-wear it. I joked for the past ten years that if I died, please bury me in it. But then I thought how the girls would feel  about that, and decided they can just choose something from my closet instead. So I put it on Ebay this morning. I actually bought the dress for our son's wedding on Ebay for $12 and decided someone might be blessed to buy this for their family wedding or a cruise or important dinner or whatever.

If we are getting rid of the letter jacket and the wedding suit, nothing is completely safe around here. I'm serious this time - and taking steps toward the goal of having a peaceful, serene, uncluttered home that doesn't make me feel guilty when I take a look around.

The cats might want to hide for awhile just in case....


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