First Annual Family Fall Festival

We've been busy! Leslie and Landon came in from Idaho for a ten day visit, and we partied hard! Here's what we were up to:
I love this photo on so many levels - the boots, hat and fly swatter; cousins holding hands; blonde hair with a bow; little girls in skirts. Love, love it!
Papa had to cut grass while Landon was visiting, and he hitched a ride. Who's happier? Hard to say.
First annual Family Fall Festival - I got to do face painting, and Miss Addie chose fairy eyes to complement her ballerina costume. 
I love holidays, but hate carving pumpkins - all that slimy stuff inside! We sucked the men into doing the dirty work, except Leslie eventually joined them. Sarah's job was to keep Baby Daniel happy. It was a perfect evening for outdoor carving. We got everyone into face painting, so if you look close you'll see Chris was an Indian, Dan was hairy, Papa was a Bandito, Leslie had a pig nose, Caiden eventually got with the program and I got a pretty little flower. Baby Daniel and JaeBeth were both given a 'get-out-of-jail-free card' til next year, when they're a bit older.
Aunt Poppy was Harry Potter. Daniel was Superbaby.
Pig-nosed Leslie giving Daniel facial hair, which he is unable to grow himself.
Aunt Na-Na agreed to let Caiden paint her face - brave girl!
Row of jack-o-lanterns looked sweet once it got dark.
If someone had told us how great these three would have turned out, it would have saved us a lot of lying in bed, awake, at night, worrying over them. 

Can't wait til next year, when we suck Jeremy into coming down with his family, to join ours.

Such fun, having everyone together! Don and I have both been whacked for the past two days, trying to recover. When you put 12 people in the same week as watching the Rangers way too late several nights in a row it makes for a tired Papa and Grammy. 

We're still in recovery, finding we just don't bounce back as quick as we used to. 

Totally worth the tired.


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