Going 'Au Natural...

But I have to be blonde first.

I walked into Toni and Guy a brunette with very grey roots, walked out over two hours later looking like a curly Marilyn Monroe. Except for the figure.

Here it is:

This is not my most attractive photo ever. No makeup, which is always scary after age 50, but the brunette is gone. Forever. They tell me one more visit, two months from now, and I should be pretty much grey. My hair was 75% grey in most places, and I was having to color it every three weeks.

They told me blonde to grey is easier than brunette to grey. So I did it.

It had just gotten to be way too many chemicals. Way too much time sitting at the hairdresser. Way too much money. I'd been considering this for over five years and finally decided it was just time. I think I'll be glad, six months from now when it's all said and done. They told me two or three shaping haircuts a year should be all I need, and my hair should be in great shape.

Tattoo? I don't think so. I change my mind way too often, and at 56 that's not really my cup of tea. Or my kids' for that matter.

Body piercing? Again, at 56 I don't think I want to draw any extra attention to my body, any part of it. I'm convinced you can be attractive and grey at the same time. A radical change but it feels good. 


Sarah said…
I always think you're cute, brunette, blond, gray, or green ;) We can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

p.s. So what did Dad say??
Leah in Iowa said…
Good for you! I'm glad you did it! I quit highlighting my hair several years ago for many of the same reasons, and am happy I did. I'm noticing a few grey streaks now, but I'm almost 44 years old - what do people expect? Do you have naturally curly hair, or did they fix it that way for you? I like that, too! A new you! :)
Anonymous said…
You look great Bev! Way to go! I understand where you are coming from! This year I asked my hairdresser to put in dark highlights during the summer as my hair still lightens up a bit from the sun but she politely told me how much more the grey would show & how I would be having to color it often so I quickly changed my mind. Lookin' good girlfriend! What did Don say?
Susan D
Kelli said…
I just LOVE it!! You are ore courageous than I am, though. John had beautiful silver and gray hair and wants me to do the same. I have not colored my hair in about 7 months, so it is a mixture of auburn 25% and grey/dark brown-blackish yuck 75%. And my bangs have this white steak about 2" wide. Yuck.

I am determined to get it colored/highlighted back to auburn before Christmas, and poor John is just going along to make me happy. I am just not ready. I am only 46 (he was totally silver gray by this age).

Sigh. I know that blond would never work on me. Too much Native American blood.

You look mahvelous :) Really, really do :)
MotherT said…
I decided many, many years ago, that the One who created me, knew my colors best, so I wouldn't play around with hair coloring. I've watched friends and family who have done some amazing things in the quest for the perfect color (and sometimes achieving it) and still decided that for me, natural was best. I'm in my 50's now, and more grey than brown/blonde, and quite happy with the effect. I seem to have inherited both of my parents' colorings. Dad was a beautiful iron grey as he aged, my mother's is a white-silvery grey. Nature is streaking me much better than I would have ever dreamed.
Renna said…
It is VERY becoming on you, but you look very different. You're a beautiful lady, and look great in either color, therefore I think you made a smart choice, since this will be so much easier to maintain.

I did it once. I was tired of constantly coloring my grey roots, and my hubby who comes from a family of hairdressers told me it would be easier to color my grey w/blonde than brunette, so I went for it. I never quite determined if I liked it on me or not. I finally just let my grey go for awhile, and got inundated w/people telling me what gorgeous grey hair I have. I prefer myself w/my natural brunette color, and I KNOW it makes me look younger, but the fact is, I got sick to death of the constant maintenence involved, and at the risk of sounding immodest, I really do have pretty grey hair. For you, though, I think you made a great choice. So, have you teased your husband yet, asking him if he feels like he's with another woman? ;-)
Anonymous said…
Here's the flip side. I would say, not knowing you, Bev, that you look good as a blonde. Also feel you are toooo young to be gray though. To all who commented for going all natural, watch out for your skin coloring as well, you could look washed out. My mom has gone natural now, at 76, even she comments on the ease of not coloring but says it does wash her out. I agree it does. Even a few slices of color would be better.
Going a lighter shade as we get older is better than dark on our skin but us ladies over 40 deserve to keep on looking vibrant. Remember the new 50 is 40. Thanks
FunMom said…
I like it, Mama! Hope I can be so brave down the road...already tired of coloring my hair, and I'm only 30! Give me another 25 years of this, and I'm gonna be throwing in the towel too! Good for you!
PS. The blue shirt you're wearing looks great with your hair, lips, and cheeks...so maybe you're now a "summer" instead of a "fall"?? :)

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