Organized clutter

Sometimes before you can even clean....
You have to go through your cleaning products. This is what I found when I went digging!

Is anyone else tempted by all those Mrs. Meyers, canisters of wipes, and good smelling cleaning products that promise to make it easy to keep your home squeaky clean? I'm a real sucker for them. 
I thought it was efficient to have three totes, under the kitchen sink, one under two bathroom sinks - and each one had to have window cleaner, scouring stuff, sponges, cleaning tools, etc. etc. etc.

After cleaning all of it out, consolidating some and throwing out container after container, I've got it down to one tote - that I'll haul through the house with me. In the long run I think it'll be easier to see if I am low on dusting stuff, or glass cleaner, or tub scrub and replace that one product. Easier to keep up with, easier on the budget, easier on our cupboards that were busting at the hinges. I was even able to put some of it in the car to deliver to our Care Center in town. Food stamps don't cover personal products or cleaning products either. With all this stuff sitting around it felt overwhelming to tackle cleaning anything.

Tuesday is cleaning day - I'll let you know if this works easier. I'm expecting it will.

PS See those little cute magnets on our dishwasher. Rubber with a teensy magnet on the back. Had tiny specks of rust on the magnets that got on the dishwasher. I was able to get off the rust but not without mussing up the finish on it. Threw them all in the trash and will never, ever again put anything on anything stainless in our house. Mercy!


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