Heading North

The sewing is done; the cards should have arrived at their destinations. The cookies didn't happen, and that's okay - the neighbors brought us over the most wonderful treat basket, so I didn't even need to bake! The suitcases are on the bed, just waiting to be loaded, zipped and tossed in the back of the car. Then we're headed north, to spend Christmas in Idaho. There's a certain sweet little family up there, just waiting for us to arrive, and if I wasn't crazy enough about our SIL and daughter, it doesn't get any better than spending Christmas morning with a five year old.

Landon asked us this past summer if Elfie would know where he'd moved to, and would we still come for Christmas, even though it was very far away.

You bet.

We're loading our big coats and boots and gloves, taking snow pants for playing outdoors. We hear there are plans to see the eagles swooping for salmon in droves, reading Christmas books, watching movies, and just hanging out. It's the small stuff, isn't it? We're looking so forward to days together, doing the small stuff.

We've got people lined up to take care of everything we could think of: the house, the cats, the plants, the mail, and the papers so we can be footloose and fancy free for a bit.

Before we know it we'll be heading back home, unloading those same suitcases, taking down the tree and going to a New Year's Eve party (learning to make tamales!), then waking up to a brand new year. That's when I'll be back here - 2012. Merry Christmas everyone. Make it count.


Becky said…
Safe travels ... carefree fun ... merry Christmas.

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