This week I....

Made this, and this, and this, as sweet Christmas gifts.

Mopped our downstairs, using this method. The entire house smelled like Christmas.

Gave up a position I'd had for a year - freeing up time for other things, or nothing! I remembered a quote, "you're only indispensable until you say 'no'." Sure enough, someone else took over the position and I'm confident they will do a bang-up job.

Decided to go in and spend time with beautiful grandbabies, so their parents could go on a date. Hard to say who will be more blessed there.

Found out my entire cross-stitch supplies, sold on Ebay, are going to be a Christmas gift for a ten year old girl. LOVE that!

Gave away an entire bag of yarn. It likely never would have turned into anything, and the smile on the face of the recipient was plenty of payment.

Got enough sleep for five nights in a row. Clever girl, I am.

Re-read 26 years of our Christmas letter, before doing this year's. I've decided to go with a one-page newsletter, using a computer template, from here on out. Technology will make it look good for me with little work, and keep it short and sweet for recipients. Local friends and neighbors will get an assortment of the past ten years of left-over cards, but of course unless they compare notes my secret will be safe.

Ordered gifts on Amazon, to send to Idaho ahead of us. Once we get there all I have to do is wrap them. Love, love Amazon.

Cleaned out the gadget drawer in our kitchen, and gave away anything I haven't used in six months. I've had that melon baller for over twenty years, and don't ask me how many melons I've scooped up with a melon baller. Much better to cut a slice into two, and dive in!

Turned the tree lights on for morning devotions every morning. The cats and I think they are a great way to start our day.

Read - okay, skimmed - two books on Luther and Calvin. I really had NO idea Protestant came from the word, 'protest.' Mailed the books back to our former church library with an apology for keeping them THREE  years.....

Downloaded a book on my Kindle, that I'd had sitting on my nightstand for over a year. The hardback is ready to wrap and send to someone as part of their Christmas package. I'm already on chapter 3 now that it's on my reader. I still love the feel of pages turning, but this is working for me right now.

Set the suitcases on the guest bedroom bed. It'll be time to fly to Idaho before we know it.

Put my husband's stocking in my suitcase, with his annual stick of summer sausage in it. The cover is closed to deter feline nibbling.

Happy weekend everyone. Make it count. 


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