This week I....

got my crazy-blonde-hair colored again. Hoorah for roots growing out quickly. In the process of going gray, I'm cognizant everyone else has to look at me. I've discovered my front roots are gray/silver but 3/4 of my head is still dark brown, so this is going to be interesting. The hairdresser had previously told me I was 75% gray. Thank goodness funky-colored, messy hair is vogue right now. (No, that is not my hair, but it's that messy-looking.)

Got a free dress - given to me by one of our Care Center workers. Her sister died and she said when she looked at the dress she thought of me. I'm okay with that. I hope someday when I am gone my clothes will go to bless others too. Lately I love wearing dresses with tights and boots. Goes well with my crazy hair too! (No, that is not my dress, but I sure do like it, if it was about 4 inches longer!) (Except for the fish-net stockings; think fish-net stockings are in my past, not present or future.)

(I really, really, really like this look!)

cut out a dress to sew. I haven't sewn a dress for myself in years, but I'm in the mood. Brown print with some red flecks, should be super cute with a jacket and boots.

shipped Christmas packages. Hoorah! Always feels like Christmas is 'in the bag'
 when the packages are in the mail.

mailed a card to every single person we've met in our neighborhood. Twenty opportunities to spread friendliness in a small way. 

went to the Dallas Symphony - an early Christmas gift from our daughter and SIL. What a treat! Cleaned my house with vigor for the third week in a row. I'm finding it takes much less bravery to face any task when I've been keeping up with it. I'm also amazed at what my Dyson sucks up week after week!

Picked up brisket from our neighbor as our Christmas dinner entree with family here in DFW. Easy peasy lemon squeezy and bless the man we bought it from. (More spreading neighborhood friendliness.)

Sewed themed pj pants for three of our grandkids - chickens, ballet slippers and batman - the days are fleeting of doing such, making it all the sweeter. Soon they'll all grow up and ask for money and video games! 

Happy weekend everyone. Make it count. 


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