Word for 2012

Consider:  to think carefully about, especially in order to make decisioncontemplate; reflect on.

A few years ago I was encouraged, by another blogger, to choose a word for the upcoming year. A word that would define my path, goals, what I wanted to emphasize, even what I felt God telling me to concentrate on.

2011 has been 'Listen'. I didn't ace that lesson, but didn't flunk either. There were many times I felt God telling me to come close and listen to what He was telling me - through His word, through sermons, through readings, through words of others. To listen to my own heart, my body, what they were telling me. To listen to the past - relationships, mistakes, successes, and learn from them.

This year listening has moved me to pull back from some relationships, and listen more closely to those people I am initially drawn to - listen to how they speak to others, listen to what they have to say in a class situation, listen to see if they are gentle or sharp, do they minister or wound? I've paid more attention to whether those I've gathered close listen to me. Not in word so much, but rather my heart. Do they really care about me, or am I just a filler for their un-met needs? I've learned I'm not a good initial judge of character or even what works well with my personality. Don is much better at that and maybe I can learn from him, or at least consult him more in that area.

This year I've listened to my energy and stress levels and dropped some activities or responsibilities, continuing to try to choose the best over the good. My run-ahead personality is a detriment in the area of discernment.

So for 2012 I chose: 'consider'. I did a word search on it in this morning's devotions - the verse that came to me was "Thus says the Lord of hosts, 'Consider your ways!' Haggai 1:7

That 'consider' also came up in Proverbs 31, when that lady nobody can measure up to considered a field, then bought it. It came up in Job, when God told Satan to consider his servant. I think it'll be a great word for me this next year, seeing where I was lacking in 2011 and concentrating on that.

Sounds like it works well with numbering days, what our pastor calls 'intentional living.'

I'll post later this week what I've put on my 2012 reading list, and of course, resolutions. After all, it's only three weeks til New Year's Day. Have to have black eyed peas and a handful of resolutions. 


1Kathleen said…
I love the word consider for the new year. It fits perfectly in with our families new year project. The 11 Month Project....a year of not purchasing a single thing that is not absolutely necessary. We are going to consider every purchase with a new thoughtfulness and awareness of the blessings we have already received.

Bev said…
Kathleen, I'm very excited at all the ways it can come into play this coming year. And I LOVE your family's plans - our pastor calls that 'intentional living'. Imagine how much money you will save, and what you can do with what you save - very exciting!
FunMom said…
Good word, Mama!! Might even "consider" making it mine too....
Anonymous said…
I love the idea of a "word" for the year and I plan on finding mine! Thanks! Kim

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