Great Words

I was going to tell you about the books I chose, but that can wait. Here's some great quotes I've heard or read lately:

"Life doesn't go the way you plan it. that's why you should play until the whistle blows."  Addison (football player in Parade this past week)

"In order to live a full life, sometimes you have to do things that scare you." Jason O'Mara

"Get a good education and then get over it."  Chuck Swindoll

"Any old horse can be a nag." Pastor Rick (my favorite of the week!)

Feel free to use as needed.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Tracie - my childhood friend of 41 years!


Gretchen said…
Love, love, love. As someone who fought tooth and nail to earn her Master's degree, and then ended up staying home to raise kids, I've "gotten over" myself. Big time. :)

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