Big news!

Well, it's not our big news, but their big news. You can go HERE to read all about it.

We found out a week after we booked our trip for this fall to Savannah. So much for plans. Sometimes they get trumped. This was big enough to justify paying Expedia a hefty fee to change our reservations. Instead, we'll go in early September, so we can come back home ready to celebrate and lend a hand.

Thankful for a life stuffed full to the brim with God's blessings, big and small. Especially small. 


Becky said…
Ohhhh, your grandma quiver is filling up fast. Congratulations! This is so exciting for that sweet family. What a gift. I'm giddy! Yay!
Jen said…
I'm so excited for you guys!!!

I left a comment on Sarah's blog and I just had to let you know how excited I am:)

Can't wait to hear all the new stories you'll have.
Sarah said…
Yes, so sorry about the trip snafu. The idea that somebody would book tickets 8 months in advance is new to me ;) But I'm very thankful you changed your dates!!

Hoe you're feeling better tonight:)
Becky said…
Thought of you yesterday when I read Sarah's post! : ) Hooray!
Anonymous said…
hi bev....i haven't been able to comment on sarah's blog for so long because i don't belong to anything and there's no anonymous identity, so please pass on my congratulations to her as well. what great news for all of you!!
and speaking of savannah, we were there a few years ago - loved it! and i'm assuming, being the southern gal you are, you'll be dining at paula dean's restaurant. you will NOT be disappointed!
Bev said…
Sarah, you are quite right; hindsight tells us next time we should not book more than about 4 months out - that way we're sure to know if any new additions are on the way! There's no where we'd rather be that week than home lending a hand and meeting the newest family member. xoxo

Connie, thanks for the congrats :-) And yes, we will definitely eat at Paula Deen's restaurant. I've heard her cheddar cheese biscuits are served while you wait in line to get into the restaurant!

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