Falling Apart at the Seams!

I rarely get sick, or even need to go to the doctor. That was before this past week. Actually since this past January 1 - good grief, but I'm falling apart at the seams!

It started when I had a very weird thing happen where I thought I was seeing shooting stars - ends up something semi-weird with the vitreous fluid in my eye and possibility of tearing my retina, which did not happen, but that was only determined after 5 doctor visits.

So it reminded me I needed a routine eye exam, went for that, and decided to start wearing contacts. I'm three visits into that - my right eye looks like I've been on a three day drunk from learning to remove contacts.

Starting to wear contacts reminded me that allergies make your eyes itch, and the two just don't go together well, so I went to the allergist and start allergy shots this week. It'll save $100 a month in meds and make my eyeballs not itch. My eyes are a big enough mess they don't need to itch too. Mostly they need me to stop dragging my fingers across them, trying to remove a teensy little contact. My ten year old grandson asked repeatedly to watch me remove them, and after a few minutes of watching me sit in the front seat of their van, using the rear view mirror, he told me he was completely creeped out and couldn't watch anymore.

And apparently sticking your fingers all over your eyes introduces germs, which gave me the first cold I've come down with in a year.

That doesn't include the visits to the chiropractor, then my primary care, who sent me to a pain management guy who scheduled an MRI, so that the pain management guy scheduled me for two epidural injections - three weeks apart, to deal with chronic inflammation causing three bulging discs in my lower back.

And I'm really sitting here trying to remember if that's all that is wrong, and it's been so nuts that I'm forgetting I sat in Care Now in DFW for THREE hours yesterday, to deal with some funky infection on my upper leg that looks like Ebola or something equally awful. I do know when I showed it to my husband he said it looked like something Job came down with. I left the clinic with a shot in the hip and two prescriptions for antibiotics. I can't even remember the last time I took one.

After being gone more than home for the past three weeks, and feeling completely discombobulated, I told my husband I wanted to use the next three days to clean the house, pay the bills, plan some menus, and work on our taxes, do the laundry, and generally overall recollect my life as I previously knew it.

He suggested I just get well. He also mentioned the possibility of trading me in for two women half my age. I can't say that I blame him.

Tonight's schedule: triple antiobiotic cream to my leg, two prescriptions of antiobiotics for my skin plague, a chewable vitamin C for my cold, drops for my eyes, an allegra to make my eyes stop itching and prepare for allergy shots, and nyquil so I can fall asleep and not realize how all-round crummy I feel. Sweet dreams everyone. 


Becky said…
Hope you are feeling better soon! : )
Becky said…
MY GOODNESS Bev, you sound terrible. I wish to heaven I could bring you some chicken soup and homemade corn bread. I am so sorry. Feel better. That's an order! :)

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