Monday, Monday

I'm still discombobulated, so that the thoughts running through my head aren't terribly gathered together. Lately all my conversations with daughters and girlfriends have been like a feeding frenzy - talking loud and over each other and yelling, "one more thing before I have to go". Hopefully you'll bear with me.

I'm still sick. Sick with what ended up being MRSA staph infection. The infection is much better, but the antibiotics they gave me make me feel like dirt. Or maybe I'd feel like dirt anyway, but the bottom line is that I took half of them - and did what they tell you not to do. Stopped taking them, except at  night right before I go to sleep so I don't know I feel rotten. I'm hoping bleach baths and a lot of sleep and only taking medicine at bedtime will fix it.

How I ever tolerated feeling crummy all day long, for months on end during pregnancies, or how my daughter does now, is beyond me. My dear husband told me this past weekend, "I'm ready to have my wife back." Me too. Hopefully I'll turn a corner soon.

I got my injections in my back for the bulging discs, and it already feels better. I should start PT next week and am anxious to get going with getting stronger. We leave for Guatemala in less than a month, so I'm anxious to do as much body strengthening beforehand as I can.

Our lake is up! It was down over 8 feet, and we're 2 1/2 now. It's been interesting to me, to watch how a lake rises. This lake is 45,000 acres and day by day we watch it roll in, covering more and more of the channel beyond our house. I don't know what I expected but something different than how it happened. We have plans to put our 'new' (12 year old) pontoon in the water later this week.

For years and years, 34 to be exact, we had to sit down every December and plan out our next year's trips, so Don could apply for his vacation. We haven't mentally made the transition - realizing we can live a bit more by the seat of our pants. We had booked a trip for fall to Atlanta, only to find out we have a grandbaby scheduled to arrive right about then. That trip got moved to early September. Which meant our yearly trip to Coeur d'Alene got moved to July. Which meant our daughter moved her trip from CDA to Texas to mid-April, right after the trip with my Mom to southern Texas. The trip to Guatemala and Branson stayed where they were. Sounds like we need to find some good cat sitters for 2012!

Last - Don is, as I type, outdoors riding around on his John Deere. It's already spring here in Texas, and after only two months off from mowing he's back at it. It's not only hard for me to realize we don't need to plan and book our entire life 9 months ahead, but harder still to realize spring is pretty much here, and the hummingbirds can't be far behind.

So other than feeling a bit creepy for much of the day, I'm loving this life God's given us, and trying to remember to take it one day at a time. 


Sarah said…
Mom, I'm using my mom voice here: Get back on your medicine full-time. MRSA is nothing to mess around with, and fighting it part-time won't take care of it. I know you feel horrible, but MRSA can become deadly. No arguments, missy!
Love, your daughter :)
Bev said…
You are right, of course. Funny I told Dan the same thing and he said, "Mom, if this conversation was reversed you'd be telling me to take my medicine no matter what." I didn't take it for 36 hours and it didn't help how I felt, still felt creepy so I'm taking it again and suffering through. It does give me a better appreciation of what you're going through, growing us another beautiful grandchild. I visited an elderly friend in the hospital and the extended care place, and came down with this days later - makes me wonder if I picked it up there...

I asked Dan if Jae felt crummy and no appetite when she had it twice, and of course how can you tell how a 2 year old feels, but he did say she didn't want to eat and was a bit lethargic - now I understand why. If I talked to my Mom, I'm confident she'd be chewing on me...

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