The Open Table

At the beginning of the year, Don and I began to pray for God to show us an organization to become involved with. Here's the criteria we set forth:

Has to make an eternal difference in people's lives

Has to equip people, not just rescue them, from their situations

Has to be an organization that is not just locally based, but throughout Texas, and even better yet if it's national or international

Has to allow us to serve together, but separately, using our gifts, talents and passions

Has to stretch us out of our comfort zones

Our church is considering getting involved with Open Table (click HERE). We heard several people who are involved in a Table speak this past Sunday and we're pretty confident it's the right fit for us. The more we heard, the more we liked it. The speakers told us about a four step process, once the family we'd be working with was chosen. We were super impressed with how well laid out the process is, and that God could use US, ordinary people, to bring about change in one family's life.

Super excited about what might lie ahead, being involved with this ministry. If someone had told us, ten years ago, what 'retirement' had in store for us we would not have believed it. That's the God we serve - one who never ceases to surprise us, but is never surprised Himself. 


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