This is me, right this minute. It's been a wonderful past three weeks, but we're just running at a frazzled rate.

So I'll be back as soon as I catch my breath, do the laundry, pay some bills that are marked 'past due', call my Dad and my brother, go visit a sweet friend in the nursing home, play with grandkids for three days, attend a Valentine's banquet with 60's music and dessert, head up a neighborhood progressive dinner, figure out how to wear my contacts without feeling nauseous all the time, find out what my MRI said, catch up on Bible reading, study Rosetta stone for a few days in a row, have some quality one on one time with my dear husband and clean up my kitchen counter. Not exactly in that order.

I've got so many wonderful things to do in the next seven days, thankful for every single one of them, but not a spare minute for all the things I need to do, or should do, let alone the ones I want to do. Back in a jif!


Sarah said…
Thank you for coming to play with the kiddos this week!
AnnG said…
You are a busy bee! But you sound happy so it's a good thing!

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