Prayer Request

I have a dear, dear friend whose 31 year old son-in-law is having very serious surgery today. Matt is married to Liz and they have a two year old little girl and an 8 month old boy. He was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer last June, two weeks before his son was born, and has been battling cancer since then.

After undergoing months of chemo they have cleared up all the cancer in his colon, but there are multiple spots on his liver. Matt will be in surgery at about 7 am Eastern time, and is scheduled to be in there about 7 hours. The surgeon is hoping to remove all the spots of cancer on his liver, leaving him cancer free. They expect him to be in the hospital for two weeks, and recovery will take at least two months.

If you could please take a minute to pray for Matt and Liz, their precious little family, and for my sweet friend Cathy, as she stands in the gap, trying to be strong, it would be greatly appreciated. Our God is more than able to heal completely and that's what we're asking for. 


Maria said…
Praying in Los Angeles!
Maria said…
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Kelli said…
Praying absolutely.

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