Thinking Out Loud

Funny, quirky, odd things I've heard the past week:

From husband - telling me that a hawk was 'hunting' in our backyard, caught a baby bird and proceeded to eat it. He seriously described it as one of the most awesome things he'd seen in a long time. Amazing the difference between men and women.

From my grandsons - telling me that their parents don't pray with them at night, when I was tucking them in and trying to follow the routine. I prayed anyway, and sang their 'Goodnight Sweetheart', to be told the next day by their mama that she speaks a blessing over them every single night.

From my dearest friend - telling me that hearing my voice 1200 miles away was the best part of her day. Ditto.

From my husband - that the skin infection I have looks like something you'd expect Job to be sporting.

From a dear friend who recently lost her husband - that she was throwing herself a 75th birthday party; hats required for admittance, invitation advised taking heartburn or gas medication prior to attending.

From my grandson - that watching me remove my contacts creeped him out.

From the couple that run our local hardware store - suggestion that Don and I buy and run the local grocery store that is for sale. Don't think so!

From my husband - that getting to go out for a fried chicken lunch was such a wonderful surprise. "The way to a man's heart....."

From my grandson - that I could just let him, his brother and sister roam Barnes and Noble by themselves; if they had to go to the restroom they'd just sit outside the door and wait for each other. He assured me that's what his mama does. I was confident that wasn't exactly the way it was, and was reassured by my daughter that he was incorrect.

From our pastor - that he was feeling a bit worn out and down this week. Sometimes we forget they are mere humans.

From new friends / neighbors - that the Progressive Dinner our Hospitality Committee put on was wonderful, and made living out here in the boonies feel so much better.

Just random thoughts, skitting back and forth between my ears.


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