Family fun

Leslie and Landon up in Coeur d'Alene, ID - what a beautiful place to live!

Family birthday bash at Babe's - not everyone is in this photo, but I do love it so. Especially the funny expression on Sarah's face. Our family calls her 'Runt' and from this photo you can see why. 

We celebrated Sarah's and Don's birthdays, so they both got to wear chicken hats!

A little grandbaby holding - always a good thing. Baby Daniel is truly the happiest baby I've ever seen!

That's it for now - we're covered up with appointments and yard work and enjoying spring weather and such. It was 74 here today - way too nice to spend much time at the computer!


Kelly said…
Looks like lots of fun- especially the chicken hats:-)

Cracks me up that she is called "Runt", since I am barely 5 feet tall...

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