Holing Up

We cried U.N.C.L.E. After driving somewhere for twelve days straight, we made the trip home in silence. Walked in the door and began to talk over each other, voicing that we HAD to stay home for awhile. A few days in a row. The urgent had to be silenced for a bit  - so many important things needed to be done.

Like go to bed at midnight and find ourselves waking up to sunlight slipping through the slats of the blinds at 9:30 am.

Climb out of bed, with feet finding slippers, coming down the stairs, my brain obsessed with the thought of 'waffles'. So waffles it was, with scrambled eggs and hash browns to make him happy. (Waffles alone would have been plenty for me. I love them that much.) Leisurely reading the newspapers together over a breakfast-strewn table, reading aloud to each other as stories struck our fancy.

Slipping on crocs and splashing along the sidewalk to go out to the boathouse and check the level of the water. Feeling thankful we have lakefront instead of beach again, after last summer's lack of rain for month's on end.

Listening to hard rain hit our roof and deck and watching it run down our side yard, straight back into the lake. Felt a little Lion Kingish - Circle of Life.

Curl up with books, and last year's Girl Scout cookies and cups of tea or coffee. They HAVE to be eaten - who wastes Girl Scout cookies?!

Soak in the tub with a book til all my skin was wrinkled and puffy and my hair stuck to the sides of my head; sheer bliss. Some baths have nothing at all to do with getting clean.

Bake coffee cake and coconut custard pie and beef barley soup and cornbread and chili and spaghetti - sounds like we stayed inside and did nothing but eat, which is pretty much right.

So now that God has sufficiently soaked everything we'll spend tomorrow pulling weeds from the beds, sprinkle them with stuff to hopefully help in the battle against reappearance. Then I'll make a pizza and we'll climb back into our car and drive back into town, for the first of four or five days in a row of doing such, much like last week. Still, these past few days have been manna for our starved souls - not to mention the chili, spaghetti, cornbread, coconut custard pie, beef barley soup and waffles. They didn't hurt either. 


Kelly said…
Sounds exactly like what we need around here, too. (Especially the rain, I woke up wishing for a big rain storm! Nothing more restful than relaxing inside during a storm.)

Hope you have a blessed week!
You have a lovely blog, and I'm a new follower! ♥
Anne :)

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