See the Person... Say the Prayer

Jan Karon tells the story that she was trying to come up with an idea for a book. She woke up one morning with a clear vision of an Episcopalian priest walking down the road, a lumbering dog by his side. That became 'At Home in Mitford'.

I've been driving into town more than a body wants to lately, and on one of those early morning drives this past week it seemed like a good time to pray. I started out the 'Dear Lord'..... and began to move onto my list. The list of what I'm thankful for, and now that we've covered that, could You please.....

All of a sudden it struck me - See the person. Say the prayer. My husband's face came to mind. His snowy white hair, back bent over weeding the front flowerbed, my job but he's covering for me because of my lately crummy back. Here's what came to mind that morning...

"Lord, I'm so grateful for You sending him to me. Having him by my side has made all the difference. Thank you that you gave me a man who is so dedicated to me and our family. Thank you for his work ethic, for his loyalty, his tender heart, his willingness to keep learning how to do this marriage with me. Please protect him today as he works, help me remember to let him know I'm thankful for him. Please grow his relationship with our kids, making up for all those years when he was away working to take care of us.

Thank you for that new grandbaby growing inside Sarah's womb. Please protect it, and her. Sarah tells me it's the size of a grape this week. Or maybe it's some other fruit or vegetable; please form it perfectly, and help her to get over this awful nausea quickly so she can be a momma to the rest of their crew.

If you see fit, could you please grow Leslie's family? They're awfully good parents, and there has to be a kid out there somewhere who needs to be loved on. Landon could use a buddy. This momma so wants to have her heart filled up.

Watch over Janae and the kids today and help her to know that what she's doing matters to You. Keep them safe - they're at that age where they get into everything the minute you turn your head!

Please help our three sons be a blessing to the company's they work for, to make good decisions, to respect the authority over them and to be good leaders of those who report to them.

Please help our daughters to be good helpmates to their husbands, to see ways they can bless them, whether it's in word or deed. Coming home to clean underwear and the house smelling like dinner can make a man feel awfully loved on. Help their husbands remember to appreciate them.

and Lord, help me to do the same in my home. Forgive me where I fail, and give me a heart that wants to do better. Help me see You around every corner today, in the bluebonnets waving their heads in the bar ditches along the road, in the baby sheep and cows nuzzling their mothers' undersides, in parking spaces that open up and the face of everyone I run into.

And God, Tom is having an awfully tough week, learning to live without Carlotta. Thank you for sending that little dog, Katie, into their lives. You knew he'd need her when they got to this point. Help him be strong, walking back into that house. Help his neighbors remember to love on him when he needs it most. And let him know You are there and You care.

Thanks, Lord that you care about each one of us. Thanks for being here at the start of my day, that you're not picky when I take time to talk to you flying north on I-45. Amen."


Anonymous said…
I am a long-time reader but I rarely if ever comment. That was just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it! My kids are not quite as old as yours are but I love the way you share your life. You are such an inspiration to me as mine begin to venture out in the world. I hope I can someday be the kind of grandmother you are.

Becky said…
Beautiful. Thanks for letting us eavesdrop. : ) Love the new font, BTW. Cute!
Kelly said…
What touching words. Love your conversation with God.
Karen said…
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Karen said…
What beautiful prayers. There is nothing more special than a woman who covers her family in prayer...even when they are grown. "The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much" (James 5:16).

Thank you for letting us peek into your life. :)

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