Almost There

But not quite. We're not quite rested, the house is not quite clean (okay, not at all clean!), act not quite together. But we're getting there. I did pay the phone and water bills, at the last minute, to keep us clean and connected.

My mom arrives on Wednesday of next week for our annual girl trek, and the way I see it, I've got two whole days to whip everything into shape. Plans to do that after the Easter play, going into DFW to celebrate Easter with kids and grandkids, and a bit of sleeping in. I'm thinking right after that I should be able to wiggle my nose or pull things out of a big carpetbag and it'll all come together....

Yes, I still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy, and other magical things.

Don's a discple in the play this year - very fun. He said he's not John or Judas or Peter, but otherwise no clue who he is. I enjoyed, last night, seeing him come up the aisle in layers of dress with a thing on his head that made him look very wise! I had to show him, after last night's performance, how to remove eye liner.

So a couple more photos of our trip to Guatemala, and I'm hoping to share the kit and kaboodle soon.

This was taken at the airport in Guatemala City, their form of taxi. They ride in these to market, or coming into the village to work for the day.

Guatemala is big on security; not so much on safety (see previous photo....)

We saw these men every single day, in the village courtyard, people watching. Never saw one without a hat, or sombrero as they call them. I noticed that they absolutely do not stare at women, very respectful. Or maybe the brim of their hat hides it?

Patient father waiting for his child to finish children's church. 

This little girl, probably all of 10 years old, had complete responsibility for her baby sister. They have a very unique way of strapping the child on their back, and she ran full bore during a relay race, with the child bouncing along. The babies learn early on to be completely still while they're being strapped on, and are completely content once there. I never saw one crying while being carried. 

One of the houses that lined the streets of the village we stayed in. Flowers spilling over roofs and porches. They have a year round growing season! 
So Happy Easter everyone! I know the real reason for the holiday, and hope you do too. I also think it's okay to eat a few jelly beans. Never did get to the point of liking the green or orange, but red, pink, black, and white are all mine at our house!


Sarah said…
Those roof flowers are amazing, and I'm thinking how I can get Addie to carry New Baby on her back this fall...And we're super excited to see you tomorrow!

Get ready to get your "Hola, bienvenidos" on! ;)

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