An exact shade of blue

My mom heads back to the Metroplex tomorrow, and flies back to Denver on Wednesday. We've been together for almost a week, and the days have flown by.

I told my husband my brain is exhausted from being so full of a scrambled mess of thoughts. Happy, sad, looking back over fifty some-odd years, looking ahead to twenty more if I'm blessed.

I've found myself watching her, how she holds her head and mouth when she talks. Really, really noticing what shade of blue her eyes are, and how deep-set they are. How her hair sticks up in the back when she wakes up and she runs her hands through the whole mess, thinking that will somehow tame it, and the sounds she makes when she takes her first few sips of black coffee.

Looking at her arms, a bit frail and thin and saggy now, and wondering back to when they were strong and held me and my five siblings.

Watching her scoop the last bits of guacamole out of the bowl, even though she's had it twice already this week. She's not one to leave guacamole behind. I love that about her.

Beating her at Scrabble, just barely, and feeling bad about it, even though she warned me not to let her win.

By the time I get her to the gate of the airport to fly home we'll have covered about 1,000 miles together. There are so many great photos, and more memories than fit in my brain or hers.

I'll share photos and more in just a few days, after I soak it all in a bit. Right now I want to be sure and store up, for future days, that exact shade of blue. Not like the Caribbean, or a sunny day, but rather more what the lake looks like when a summer storm is coming; it's slightly overcast -silvery gray blue. Memorizing them, set deep in a round face, with high cheekbones and a mouth turned up quirky to one side.


Kelly said…
I love that you make this time with your Mom, it can be so easy to let the days slip by, and capturing them intentionally is a wise thing.

Enjoy your time together!

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