Guatemala photo album - first half

I'm two trips behind - Guatemala and my road trip with my mom. Our middle daughter, Leslie is flying into DFW as I type, so trip #3 is coming.

Here's the best I can do for right now - half the photos with small explanations. Don and I are speaking in church this Sunday, about what the trip meant to us. We each have 2-3 minutes - that's a tough order!

Here you go - first half of the slide show version: (even our kids have not seen our photos yet!)

Our hotel room - walls only went halfway up in bathroom area. Towel over sink to remind us not to use the water. Note flat screen TV that is filling in open area (toilet right behind TV.)

I love the look on Don's face as he plays catch with the kids. We helped with Children's Church on Sunday morning.  Beautiful, beautiful kids.

The market - held 3 x a week due to lack of refrigeration. You can buy anything there! 

The woman cutting chicken used a machete - she was a bit scary! Chicken everywhere, alive and dead.

Grains of every sort, dried fish, amazing selection. 

Loved the bright colors, fresh herbs, they grow it, they sell it.

Their version of a shopping cart. Most women carry two of these to shop.

Barely started on Erlinda's 15 x 20 cinderblock home. 

I am apparently full of hot air. I blew up this ball for 30 minutes straight!

Good shot of what Erlinda's cooking quarters and water facilities are. Chicken coop is to right. 

The Bano (bathroom). Yes, we used this all week. 

Rhonda using the ball after it was blown up. The kids loved it! The kids loved Rhonda!

I am crazy about this photo of my sweet husband. Actually, I'm pretty crazy about my husband. 

Our team - missionary Teri is back right with curly hair. She's lived there 20 years and is fluent in Spanish. 

Rhonda is a hairdresser and she had a ministry of french braids going on!

4 year old Selena. I so wanted to grab her and take her home with me. The shirt she is wearing was hand embroidered by her mother, Erlinda.
More to come in a day or two.


Leah in Iowa said…
I have been "passing through quietly" lately, but have been keeping up with your trips and such. Usually I read right at Google Reader, but I smiled when I stopped over tonight - such a bright and cheery spot! I love it!! I enjoyed seeing the photos of your mission trip, and can't wait to hear more. Praying you were "blessed beyond measure" for your obedience and willingness to go. :)

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