Gifts Sprinkled

I am NOT writing on my blog - said I'd be back in September, so this isn't really a post, just a thought...

Up early, sitting on the sunporch having coffee and quiet time -not a single human sound to catch my ear. All of a sudden, off to the right I sensed small movement. She shifted her body so the little one could nestle in and nurse. Then she stepped away. It was so small it looked not of this earth. Mostly legs and belly swollen with milk, and a long nose that stood and sniffed the air to keep track of its mother's scent.

Momma started to run a bit, then faster, and baby followed, faltering, then at a wobbly gait.

If I'd clung to the bed covers five minutes longer I would have missed it. A gift to start my day. Seems the best things are fleeting, easily missed, hard to hear in the roar of a typical day.

Thanks, God, for nudging me out of bed and for the reminder to keep my eyes, and ears, and heart open to those gifts you sprinkle through my life - day in and day out. 


Leah in Iowa said…
Curious to know what you saw!
Susan Mayer-Donald said…
I am curious Bev - what was it?
Susan D.
Bev said…
mother deer and her days old fawn!
Susan Mayer-Donald said…
Wow, what a beautiful site to see!!!
Renna said…
I love moments like that. I lift my head, and say "thank you, Father". When I walk outside at night, and look up at the sky just as a shooting star soars across the sky, I know He did that for me. Or, if in the late fall or early spring, I take my dog for her nightly walk just as a flock of geese fly over, migrating to the place they'll spend the season, I'll again say, "thank you, Father". He knows the things that bring us pleasure, and He's a good Daddy, that likes to give His kids good gifts, ones He knows they like. He chases us down with blessings!

Oh, and I'm so happy that your daughter convinced you to re-open the door here, even if just a crack. I certainly understand the need to prioritize, and that some things need to be moved down the list, but it would grieve me to think I'd never again get to read the things you wrote. The things you've shared have made so many positive impacts on me in the past. God uses you through the gift of writing that He gave you.

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