Going Gray.....

Not for sissies I'm finding out. Apparently I'm in the 10% of today's American women. Back in 1950 I was in the 50% or more.

That's okay - to each his or her own. Here's where I am right now - about two haircuts away from natural color, and about 6 months away from hair I actually like more than a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10.

I keep telling myself - it's only hair. Not a very big deal in the scope of life, and 6 months from now I think I'm going to love it. 


Leah in Iowa said…
I like it! A lot! Don't let anyone tell you that you look anything other than beautiful! :)
I really like it. Says a 41 year old who has issues with letting her own gray shine through...I'm proud of you. I wanna show mine too!
Lynne said…
It looks great. I don't have the guts to let mine grow out. In fact, to cover all the gray, I just went blonde!
Nana said…
Gray hair is awesome! You will love it. I had the courage to go gray about 6 years ago and I love my hair. Hardly a day goes by that I don't get a compliment on my hair.
Hi Bev! I have been reading your blog(s) on and off for years. I just discovered you again!

I am almost 52 and I have never colored my hair. Over the years people have tried to get me to color and I never gave in to their requests. I thought about the upkeep and the cost and decided to just be natural. I would look around at the ladies I know who are gray and thank them for being natural. It helped me with the graying process. I still have some of my natural brown mixed in with the gray. It's funny, my husband thought that the ladies at our church who weren't gray, had natural hair colors. HA! So we named all the ladies he thought were natural and I know for a fact they color their hair. He had no clue how many women color their hair and how many would be gray if they didn't. men!

How is your sister, Barb? I used to read her blog all the time and she hasn't posted in many months. Hope she's doing ok.

Looking forward to reading here again.

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