Very Sexy Valentine's Gift

From my stud - 50 studs. That's what he bought me. I'd told him all I wanted for Valentine's was for him to start tearing something out.

So he did.
Looked a bit scary for awhile. Completely open and nowhere to go but straight down! To keep me from hyperventilating he immediately started putting it back together. Enclosing the upstairs loft because:

#1 most of the grandkids fit between the rails that were there, and it's 15 feet DOWN to ceramic tile.

#2 the previous owners used the room to play pool. We wanted to really, really use it, but it was virtually impossible - the open walls showed backs of tables, electrical cords, etc. fully viewable from the first floor. Not the look I was really going for.

#3 the home office was crammed in there too, sitting a whole foot from the TV.

#4 if, say, someone wanted to read in bed and someone else wanted to listen to late night TV it was impossible to shield the noise from the open room.

Enclosing it into a separate 'bonus' room as they call them here in the south will give us a true, separate room that won't let any grandkids fall through; will hide the backs of furniture etc. He's putting in a separate office nook for us, with the computer viewable from the hall, rather than in a closed room. Much better as grandkids start growing up. And I can break up with Jay Leno for good. Eventually it'll have four walls and a door that closes so it'll be a great place for grandkids to flop on sleeping bags or the sofa as they get older.
He promises me tomorrow the second railing is coming down and more studs are going up. It's going to be great!

Sexiest valentine's gift E.V.E.R. Thanks stud-muffin. You sure know the way to a girl's heart. 


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