A Bucket List Item, Checked Off

It was supposed to be a sweater for me, but I decided baby sweaters are much more fun.

I can't even stand how stinkin' cute this is. Thank you, Susan Anderson, for coming up with the pattern, and thank you, sweet Sarah, for teaching me to knit a few years ago.

I was a bit rusty, had to watch a video or two to remember a few techniques, but overall the sweater just sort of magically appeared on my knitting needles. Seriously, I just knitted away, amazed that those balls of yarn were turning into this little piece of sweetness. The hem, cuffs and neckline are all seed stitch, and I've decided that's my absolute favorite stitch to do. I love it's bumpiness.

There are a few errors - the flower was supposed to be on the other side, but by the time I realized it I'd already knitted the buttonloops. Alas, perfection is over-rated anyway.

New baby, as I call her (since I'm not privy to the name yet) is due mid-October. This should be perfect as Texas temperatures will start cooling off right about when she arrives.

The hat? Puts the entire ensemble right over the top on cuteness. I can't, can't, can't wait to see her wearing this. It's completely practical, don't you think?


Karen said…
It's absolutely perfect ~ and Sarah will totally treasure it! Great job!
Kelly said…
Absolutely darling! I love the colors!
Sarah said…
And I love it! You're right about the hat--so fun! I'm sorry I can't tell you her name yet, but Caiden is too excited to be the designated name-giver to steal his thunder! I promise you'll like it, though!!
Kim said…
I love it! Learning to knit is on my bucket list. :)
I'm a new grandmother (Mimmy) and I have yet to make her something this cute!!!
Karen said…
I love it--you'll have to post a picture of her wearing it when the time comes!! Love and blessings, Karen
Susan (Mayer) Donald said…
Very cute Bev!! Congrats on doing such a great job! You are so talented!!

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