Old Window Becomes Chore Chart

As requested:

I started with a salvaged window from our home in PA. We lived with those windows for 14 years, propping them up with boards when we wanted fresh air, then replaced them all to sell our house. (Note to self: do not wait 14 years to make improvements that someone else will get to enjoy; unless you have to put three kids through college, weddings, etc. - then you might want to wait.)

Save 5 windows to take with you, before they haul the rest off in a dumpster. One for each kid to remember the house, and two for self. In case you break one, because you have a history of breaking things.

Order Martha Stewart magnetic paint online through Amazon - $9.00 for a pint. It will take three coats, versus the two Martha suggests. Paint all six panes of glass. You don't need a seventh glass because you are going to practice Sabbath rest on Sundays. No chores!

Once the three coats of paint are dry, purchase Avery 3270 Ink Jet Magnetic Sheets for about $9.00. Print out the days of the week, then a list of the common chores and events at your home. (I printed out six QT for daily quiet time, five Exercise for morning walks, three Catbox, etc.) I also printed out some verses of scripture that are convicting, motivating, encouraging.

Even chores should be fun, so search Google for images of balls of yarn, a big grey cat, a bluebird, a basket of fresh laundry, etc. to add a pop of color and whimsy to said chore board.

Mount window with latches as shown, to hold an erasable marker. Write right on window the week's dates, rearrange every Sunday what the week is going to look like, from your calendar. This allows for a lot of flexibility. I turn the magnets sideways when I've completed a chore for that day. If I don't do a chore I can move it to another day or live with the dust, etc.

Works for me - might for you too. Windows are aplenty at any antique / junkola store, running anywhere from $5 up.

My DIL hung hers to separate two areas of their house between a living room and play area for the kids. One of my daughters printed out old hymns and modge podged them to the panes of glass, and I've forgotten what my other daughter did with hers. Pinterest abounds with ideas for old windows, but this is what I decided on. Mine hangs in the hall off the kitchen, across from the laundry area.

There you have it, as requested. Enjoy! I'm off to do chores...


Sammy said…
Wow! I am amazed that you not only posted pictures, but a step by step tutorial. What an incredibly kind thing to do! :-)

It's beautiful. Our 100 year old house has these windows. We have to prop some of them up with sticks to keep them open. I think they're so beautiful and give the house such character, but sometimes I wish we had new windows that would open and close easily. When we eventually replace them, I'm going to save a couple and do this. I love it.

Thanks again!!
Sarah said…
I just remembered from reading this that I need to make the wreath and hang the window! Good reminder!

p.s. I hope you're not sore today :)
Linds said…
What a brilliant idea! I wonder if we can get that paint and paper here. Hmmm. I could just use chalkboard paint and write on it. And make little pictures. I am SO impressed !!
Karen said…
Love this ~ very creative!
Bev said…
Sammy, if you like the idea old windows abound - junk stores are full of them. We kept ours for sentimental reasons, wanted each kid to have a piece of the house they (sort of) grew up in. Linds, I ordered all my products on Amazon and they shipped them to me, perhaps they would for you too?

Sarah - I'm good. Painting all day made me sleep like a baby last night! xoox
Karen said…
Thanks so much for posting this--I absolutely love it!!! Love & blessings, Karen
Susan (Mayer) Donald said…
I am going to have to try to make one of these - brilliant idea!
Thanks for sharing!
Terry said…
An old window turned chart? What a great idea! It's really fascinating when you made an improvement out of scrap. But wait a minute, what happened to your old house? It sounded so confusing that you tore that window pane and had the house sold.


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