Considering our ways.... and making changes

That was my word for 2012 - consider, or ponder. In other words, think about. I've done a lot of thinking in 2012 - how to spend my time, whose lives to invest in, how much I exercise, what I read, what we eat, even what color  my hair is! We've made quite a few changes so far, and we've still got 1/3 of the year left.

A big change we've been pondering is whether to move from our lake home into the metroplex, and after talking about it ad nauseum we decided it was the right choice for us. So - the house is primped up and tidied and new towels are ready to do their staging thing.

Wednesday, September 5 Remax will be here with their wide angled camera to take photos and stick a couple of signs in the yard (one at the lake side). So we'll see. See what God has in mind - when it will sell, who it will sell to, and exactly where we'll go from here.

I do know we've put 45,000 miles on our car in 18 months of lake living, and we're driving into the metroplex at least once a week, besides all the trips to town for church, other volunteering, shopping, etc.

If there's one thing I'm really thankful for it's having a partner in life who is always willing to reconsider with me, make changes as we go along, and take a chance on doing something completely different.

Speaking of different, we're off to Georgia and South Carolina for a week of walking beaches, eating seafood, taking a carriage ride to tour the antebellum homes from the 1800's, and biking on some island at the southern tip of Georgia before we stop for a visit with a very dear friend. By the time we get home it'll be football season, time to make chili, take up a knitting project and sew some sweet things for a granddaughter who is just about to make her entrance into the world.

Dan and Sarah - her first catch in years!
Sweet Sarah helping me paint cabinets

Chris kayaking with Miss Addie

My Mom and Sarah hanging out on the boathouse

Nothing makes me happier than a house full to overflowing


Papa letting Landon drive the John Deere

Leslie and Landon snuggled up on the boathouse with cocoa

Full pontoon!

Little boys with big catches

Jer, Leslie and Landon

Taking Don's bass boat for a spin on the lake

So many fun memories - the time has absolutely flown by. I'm confident we'll make many new memories in our new home too.

BTW, I'm still reading like a fiend. Finished The Book Thief and I loved it off the charts. I'm now reading Number the Stars - another Newberry winner by Lois Lowry, and I should get started on Innocent Man while we're beachcombing. Back soon. 


Kelly said…
Wow! I love your adventurous spirit, and ability to make changes. Looks like you have lived life to the fullest in your lake house, and will do the same in your new home, I am sure.

Happy Fall- almost:-)
Linda said…
I do understand Bev, but feel a little sad that you'll be leaving that beautiful home. Having said that, nothing is worth more than those precious relationships.
Have a wonderful time.
Toni said…
Best wishes to you as you anticipate your move to the metroplex. Our family has been "on watch" for a move there since 2004 when my dh went through a job displacement with American Airlines. To this day, we're still "under watch" and have even been voluntarily considering it for the past year. The economy keeps us from simply doing it, however. Single income. 4 children. We have to weigh it all very carefully. So we wait.

Btw, my dd has to read Number The Stars as part of her Classical Conversations homeschooling this year. Glad to see I'm not the only adult who will also be reading it.
Sammy said…
Wow! What a change! Good for you all!

I adore Lois Lowry! I've been a fan of hers for years.

Good luck with the staging! Sending prayers your way that everything goes smoothly and quickly! :-)
Susan (Mayer) Donald said…
A big change indeed Bev but one that I am sure you & Don will enjoy! Driving that much does get old after awhile, or so I think. It will be nioe to be so much closer to the kids & grandkids. I hope you are enjoying your vacation!
Susan (Mayer) Donald said…
Oops, meant to say "nice"!
Anonymous said…
I keep checking to see if Sarah's baby has arrived yet.
I assume so and everyone
is so-o busy!
God bless...

Kazoo Sue

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