Why I don't have to lose 10 lbs anymore

I graduated from high school in Englewood, Colorado back in 1973. When I joined Facebook a couple of years ago I noticed you could look up old classmates, so of course I did. Some names were instantly familiar - Trish was beautiful and sweet; my old boyfriend dumped me for Toni with the beautiful hair and trampoline in her back yard, but it ended up she got the raw end of the deal. I'm happy to say she dumped him and she's married to a great guy. My dear friend, Susan still lives in the area and we're in touch. There were a few from our class I chose not to send a friend request. One guy was so awful that after 'friending' him and seeing his posts I sent him a notice that I was unfriending him.

He immediately sent me another friend request.

I said no.

I ended up being in touch with maybe a dozen fellow classmates, and it's been fun to see them all going gray - or not; being blessed with grandchildren, moving all over the world, or staying close to home. A group of girls who live local get together for dinner every few months, and it'd be fun to join them some day.

This year is the 40th anniversary of our high school graduation. The last reunion was for the 20th reunion and I assumed there would be a 40th. Sure enough I noticed a page for the Englewood High School 40th reunion and I joined the page. Plans were being made for several events, and since we're retired with a flexible schedule we strongly considered attending.

I started getting friend requests from others who were attending the reunion, and even though the names weren't familiar I accepted the requests. Our class had over 300 graduates and 40 years have gone by so it would not be surprising if I didn't remember everyone. Nor them me. One in particular named Patrice posted pretty often to Facebook and began to feel more and more familiar. I never took the time to look her up in my old yearbook.

Looking over the details of the upcoming reunion, I noticed we were the Rams. Back when I attended we were the Pirates. I emailed my friend, Susan and asked her if they'd changed the mascot. Not that she knew of. Other old girlfriends started asking on Facebook about the reunion plans since they hadn't heard anything. I assured them we were indeed having a reunion, it was $95 per person to attend the dinner and dance, and reservations were being taken. I almost sent in our money, then decided to check with a few of my old girlfriends - see who else was definitely going.

Like most I've added on some pounds over the years. Like most I did the proverbial 'lose 10 lbs this year' thing on January 1. Perfect since we were going to my 40th reunion - I definitely wanted to look my best. Weight Watchers online here I come. I have six months to get in shape.

Then I went back and reread the thing about the Rams. Versus the Pirates. Something just didn't seem right - who changes their mascot unless it's something socially unacceptable or so wimpy no male will wear the uniform?

Then I noticed one of the events would be held on the beach.  What beach? Colorado has a lot to offer, but no beach.

Turns out, after following this group for almost a year, following Patrice's updates on Facebook and convincing myself I knew her, the reunion is for Englewood High School in Englewood, FLORIDA. Not Colorado. I don't know a single soul from that school, and our school is - as of this date - not planning to have a 40th reunion.

So much for losing 10 lbs. Obviously I'm not going to see any old girlfriends, or old flames who dumped me for old girlfriends so the pressure is off. I'll focus more on toning and strengthening and maybe on sharpening my attention skills.

I'm sure there's a sermon in here somewhere about how we think we know people we meet on social media, we're not what we appear, etc. etc. etc. I'm just disappointed because I was really beginning to like Patrice.


Sandy said…
This is a wonderful story! I was starting to like Patrice too :) I think you should submit it to Reader's Digest. This is just the sort of thing they look for.
Becky said…
Such a cute story! : )
Sammy said…
Oh, this made me laugh! Great post!
Deidre said…
Bev, this is hysterical! Bless Patrice's heart. I'm sure she was beginning to like you as well. That's so funny.
Kelly said…
Oh my gosh, Bev, this is hilarious! Just another tale for your book- the one you just have to write:-)
Susan (Mayer) Donald said…
Oh Bev - this made me laugh! My sis, Cheri, has a place on the beach in Englewood, Florida (ironic since we grew up in Englewood, CO) so let's go to Florida's Englewood's Class Reunion together & meet Patrice! Ha-ha.
Miss you my dear friend!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh! This is absolutely hilarious! My husband and I both have our 30th this summer so I can certainly relate to your thoughts on this IF it was happening--so funny:). I can't tell you how much you remind me of a dear friend of mine and she is your same age. This story once again, reminded me of her as this is so something that would happen to her (and to me too for that matter).
Thanks for the laugh today!:)

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