Count your many blessings, name them one by one...

For almost two years now I've been keeping track of these 'gifts'. Surprising, humbling to me, how many of them refer to coffee that's ready when I am, or flavored creamer. Not real meaty stuff, but honest.

#1 the green light of the coffeemaker that greets me in the morning (3/24/11)

#28 the smell of coffee grounds (strong addiction going on!)

#88 slurping the first cup of coffee

#89 a clean sunporch for first coffee

Sometimes I get poetic and jot down, "blue and brown eggs dancing in the sauce pan", but more often it's shorter and simpler, more shallow, than that. 

#12 people taking photos in the bluebonnets

#31 whale spouts on baby girl heads

#38 getting projects done (more of a Martha than a Mary heart here)

#48 ready avocados

Two years into it, have I dug in any? Have I gone down any deeper than where I was then?

#110 not being lonely

#118 busy bird feeders

#153 putting on big girl panties...

#158 hearing my mother say, 'darlin'

#178 watermelon and BBQ

#263 GPS

#264 babies safe and sound

#265 tough bonding

#270 DIL holding up to the strain of motherhood

Have I made any progress on this road of seeing what's going on beneath the surface, behind the eyes that are trying to be brave? Am I living less of the time with white knuckles gripped, thinking if I just hold on tight I'll keep this caravan called life in control?

#294 anger rising up when pressed

#303 last words of the night, spoken across pillows

#341 speaking the truth with grace. I'm learning!

#489 going gray

#500 a text from my brother for Thanksgiving - halfway there (to 1000)

#688 loaning party dresses

#691 daffodils waking up from winter's sleep

#834 movie popcorn

#843 fritos and bean dip eaten in the middle of day, just because

#955 cat chasing after my toes through the bed clothes

#1000 starting my day reading uplifting words from Sally's blog (made it!)

And the journey goes on...

#1250 the honking of an ancient looking crane, across the lake

#1255 a cat for Landon to love

#1287 being overwhelmed and doing it anyway

#1412 a skinny legged boy learning to dribble

#1413 baby girl curls

Almost two years into it and I've got the habit down - of picking up pen and moleskin more mornings than not; my little notebook's coffee dribbled cover and pages speak the truth - I'm showing up. The heart habit of seeing beauty in the mundane, grace in the tough things, mercy new every morning - that's the tougher part. 

I'm still digging in, looking hard and being surprised when and where I find it, and that's the grace, really that's the gift, of it all. 

Joining with others here today:


this was beautiful - tracing your gratefulness journey.

it is a beautiful testimony of changes God has wrought in you!
Louen Martin said…
Amazing. Thinking of doing the same thing with mine. I've got a spare notebook to start listing all the little (and the big)blessings God filled my life with. Why haven't I thought of that before? Thanks for the inspiration. God bless you more!

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