Bluebirds and Beautiful People

I'm still plugging away at learning a bit about photography, and being in the country, on the lake makes for some great photo ops.
This sweet little bluebird was outside our upstairs window. Even through glass the blue was beautiful. You can see just the teensiest little bit of her red breast. 

We've decorated our lake  house in 'Texas rustic' style. These old boots, sitting in the guest room, were picked up at a junk store somewhere. I'm in love with them. Especially the scuffs. 

Miss Kitty, our 'obsessed with Gallant' pet. I wish my eyes were the color of hers.  
Believe it or not, she weighed 6 1/2 lbs when we brought her home at 3 years old. She's shaped like a bowling ball now. We considered putting her on a diet but hungry cats meow and that's annoying, and who wants an annoying cat?
Sunflowers in our living rom. 
Did I mention they are fake? 
Cross Gallant made for me out of logs from our llama trek a year or so ago, and horseshoes from friends. Hangs in our living room above the piano. 
On Friday our daughter arrived with four of our grandkids - more great photo material!

On the sunporch, watching a morning movie. Love how they look in B&W. 

Miss Addie. 
Funny Grayson. There's no telling what's going on in that head of his.
Breakfast for the grandkids this weekend, when they all got up at 6:30 a.m. We brought bowls of oatmeal to the sunporch, and watched a movie on the portable DVD player. In jackets because it was chilly. Which they thought made it even better. 
My sweet daughter. I am crazy about her. 

She will hate this photo, and it's not great from a photography point of view. I love it, likely because I love her so much.

Beautiful smile, and I'm particularly attached to the freckles that sprinkle across her nose. 

Blessed boy to have such a fun mama. 

Miss Addie deep in thought. 
How on earth we had the baby here for two days and I didn't get a single shot of her?! I promise she was here. For proof and more photos, go here.   It's always a flurry of activity and wet clothes and spilled drinks and bikes and trikes and such on the driveway, legos and Wii and old books and toys scattered through the house. Absolutely wonderful! Our house is neat and clean and quiet 99% of the time, so once in awhile it's good to muss it up a bit. I'm grateful this mama of four is willing to load up everything but the kitchen sink and drive two hours to come play with us.

I still haven't figured out much about lighting, but am learning about composition, rule of thirds, etc. Mostly though, if you look at the world with eyes of wonder, and shoot photos of beautiful people you love you're bound to get some great stuff. 


Sounds just like our cat. She is a kitty of girth. But if we fed her less - OH. MY. WORD. - we would not hear the end of it. It would be very annoying, indeed. And we did measure her food a few years back and she really wasn't overeating. I think she's just underactive. LOL!

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