Forever an Autodidact

My oldest daughter calls it my hang-up. She may be right. I call it my 'just need to know everything I didn't bother to learn, back when people were actually trying to teach me.' It may be genetics passed on from my mom, so she gets the credit or blame. Going to college, getting the degree would have likely saved time, but that could have led to a career and I surely never wanted that. I'm beginning to think this way is more fun - a long, meandering journey through an endless list of subjects.

Either way, lately I'm working on three subjects in my 'self-educate Bev journey'. Geography/history, writing and photography.

To learn photography I'm using Better Photo Basics, The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Taking Photos Like the Pros, by Jim Miotke. ($14.95 on Amazon.) I'm such a beginner I had to read to find out what kind of camera we have. It's a Canon Power Shot SX10IS, and I distinctly remember telling the sales person at Best Buy we wanted to take photos without really knowing how. That's possibly not the greatest criteria for choosing a camera if you're ever going to change your mind. Jim Miotke tells me our camera is a 'high-end compact', versus a 'basic point-and-shoot' (even more basic, don't want to know anything), or the DSLR, which has way more gadgets and capability than ours does.

Oh blessed hindsight. Always perfect.

I'm convinced this little camera is capable of photos that are good enough, and I'm big on good enough. (I've heard perfectionism isn't all it's cracked up to be, but have no first-hand experience with the subject.) Here's what I've been shooting, some not so great, some an improvement over my past efforts:

Bluebirds are nesting in the back yard!

Sweet house finch eating breakfast at the feeder on our deck

Four donkeys that live down the lane.  I call them the Apostles. 

Matthew, not sure this is your best side...

Much better. Love, love him - wish I could bring him home. 

Sweet little pond near our home. Always turtles sunning, cormorants feeding.  Sometimes a kid with a pole.

These make me catch my breath - so magnificent! Reminds me of Woody Woodpecker.

Sweet little flowers tough enough to stand up to spring frosty nights. 

This No-knead bread is NOT burned - that's absolutely your imagination. 

Another feathery friend. 

Flags at the entrance to our neighborhood. I love, love a Texas flag.

Holly bushes are covered with swarms of bees. No I did not catch one in the photo.

Coolest aquatic bird ever. They nest in the top of our live oak, much to Don's displeasure. If you haven't heard their call it's amazing. Sounds more like a furry animal is up there. 

Post oaks starting to bud out. 

Our watery 'back yard'. Yes, we feel blessed.

I'm learning about shutter speeds and light and manual settings (who knew you were actually supposed to turn all those dials?) We've got several big trips scheduled this year, and our family is bursting at the seams with beautiful grandchildren, so we're not lacking material.

Back later with more, hopefully improved as I cover more chapters. Happy weekend everyone. 


Sammy said…
Beautiful photos!

Karen said…
Love the photos! I'd say you are doing great! Are you still selling your place?
Linds said…
I have yet to read the manual on mine, Bev - I attempt something now and then and then forget what I did. Maybe I need to work methodically through a course! Or just leave it on the auto setting! The no-knead bread which is certainly not burnt? Is there a recipe?
Bev said…
Linds, I think there's a link to Sarah's blog under the photo, and it's a post from this week. It was SO easy, and worked beautifully til I left it three minutes too long, but still tasted fabulous with a piece of cheese thrown on a slice!
Bev said…
Karen, stay tuned :-) updated plans revealed this coming Monday.
Linda said…
I think you're doing very well Bev. I'm also trying to learn new things (photography and writing), but I have this terrible tendency to "drop out" when things get a bit difficult. You are inspiring me to keep going.
Sarah said…
Look at you! Way to go :)
Barb said…
My favorites are the donkey butt photo and the burned bread. LOL

Seriously, beautiful photos!

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