Landscapes and Little People

Mr. and Mrs. Mockingbird doing a mating dance. Or possibly Mr. Mockingbird and Mr. Mockingbird fighting over some ladybird. 

New definition of saddlebags...

Telling me what she thinks of the last shot I took...

Have to have it if you're going to spend the day on the John Deere.

 Love watching the sun wake this boathouse up every morning. 

Looks like it's going to rain. And it did! 

Texas sunset -  it's hard to pick a favorite. 

How can someone see this and not thank God?

Trees on fire!

Red sky at morning, sailor's warning. Red sky at night, sailor's delight. 

Day's choice for footwear.  
Mammy, I'm trying to give them up, but they just taste so good! 
Fearless boy.

Not great facial expression, but loved the light on his face. And the dirt.

Ditto. Dirty kid is a happy kid. 
A lot easier to take photos of a Texas sunset than toddlers constantly on the move. Still practicing. 


Linda said…
Great job Bev. We are praying for rain down here. I'm glad you got some!
Barb said…
Why am I not surprised that you have a talent for photography?

Your heart shows so clearly in the photos you take. xoxo

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