East Texas has a well-kept secret - there's a great fish hatchery, close to Athens. We've visited several times with family and friends in tow.

This time we happened to pick "Outdoor Fools Day" to visit. Good choice on our part. There were food trucks, Smoky Bear, a snake show, and some other extra goodies scheduled. The main purpose of the place is to promote love of fishing and the outdoors, and it's really, really, really kid friendly. They even have poles and bait and people to fish with your kid if you don't know how to show them.

Here's a smattering of photos of our day there:
cousins :-)

Aunt Nessie, Landon and Uncle Jer

Uncle D with Daniel - it takes two arms to keep ahold of him!

Jae Beth and Aunt Nessie - pretty girls

Not so pretty but the kids thought it was great

Uncle D teaching his daughter to fish for the first time

22 months is old enough to learn to fish

Here - grab hold of it, it feels funny. 

Landon accepts the challenge and thinks it's great.

100 lb burmese python - kids loved it!

Dan, Leslie, Bev, Don

the wetlands there are beautiful

turtle doing yoga

patient mama
The kids under 4 were free, Landon was $3.50 and the adults were all of $5.50 each. So an inexpensive, fun day outdoors. We took two cars but I heard the kids in the other car were sound asleep minutes after heading for home.


Kelli said…
"Turtle pose". Hilarious.

There is a couple of fish hatcheries here nearby us in Central Oregon- one with a huge pond and Heron nests, the other right on the river where alot of fly fisherman go. And they are so fun to watch.

We have taken the kids there, and there were in their late teens and still loved it!

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