Narcissism running amuck!

I'm going to give myself permission to put up a post that is all about us. We started getting the wonderful gift of grandchildren almost 12 years ago. I've been trying to get family photos of ALL OF US for quite awhile, and it's good it didn't happen before because our newest member is only six months old.

But we finally, finally got it done. Kids from Idaho came down, photographer was lined up, dress code was discussed, naps for little ones were attempted and it was a go.

Here's what we got:

Papa and Grammy, sometimes known as Don and Bev

Sarah and her family, Miss Sarah Grace, Miss Addie, Grayson, Caiden & Chris

Leslie and her family, Jeremy & Landon

Dan and his family, Daniel, Janae and Miss Jae Beth

Grown kids sharing a family joke

Us, our kids and 'married-ins' as I call them
You can see here why we call Sarah 'Runt'

All fifteen of us, mostly focusing on the photographer

Sarah's family dog, Scout snuck into some of their shots

With seven beautiful grandchildren, indeed life IS sweet!

Hartfields hamming it up. You can tell Addie lives with brothers!

Kisses for her Daddy.

We tried to get just the grandkids but a certain someone, who had his share of photographs, was less than happy. I jumped in to give snuggles - so wish Papa had joined me, but maybe the craziness scared him off!

Our newest, Miss Sarah Grace, with her Mama, Sarah

Many thanks to Rachel Ledbetter of RL Photography (out of Dallas) for doing such a beautiful job. I will treasure them for years to come.


Deidre said…
Oh, I love them. I'm so glad y'all did that - you'll never regret it. My how your family has grown in a short time ~ so beautiful!
Toni said…
Thanks for sharing (I know it's time consuming to upload). Oh my, such beautiful photos of a beautiful family.
Janae Gibson said…
Loved each moment there--even though mine were the ones that didn't love it! Thank you for providing us all with such wonderful memories!!
Kelli said…
Love. It.

That is all.
Linds said…
They are absolutely beautiful, Bev - I love your new header! So special!
Kelly said…
Spectacular! Beautiful family, and love overflowing from the images. What treasures these pictures are!
Karen said…
I LOVE these pictures--the one of you with all your grands is PRICELESS!!! Treasures and blessings galore!

Love and blessings, Karen
Pam said…
These are all so beautiful. You and the grands is my absolute favorite!

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