Zoo day

You can't have Texas spring and little people visiting and NOT spend a day at the zoo.

So we did. We only had two hours to spare but squished in as much animal viewing as we could. Landon was our tour guide, choosing what to see this time, and what to save for next visit.

How cute is this? Pretty cute. 

Landon and his pretty mama, Leslie

I swear this horse did not like having his photo taken. Every time I'd zoom in on him he'd walk away. See that look he's giving me? Complete distrust. 

For some reason kids seem to prefer goats, 

pigs, and 

birds over the lions, tigers, etc. Not sure why. 

We did get to check out this massive guy. I think it was a guy. I was so struck by the size I forgot to check. 

Reading the map so we don't get lost. 

Grammy, Papa and our buddy, Landon

Giraffe tongues are a bit creepy. 

Landon loved that he could scootch up by the glass and look like they were sitting together. 

This guy (again, I think a guy) was so intent! Definitely made me wonder what he was thinking. 

Lions were beautiful - enjoying a nap on the sun-warmed rocks. 

Finally, Landon named the guy with the cap Paul, for some reason. The binoculars were his Uncle D's, back about 25 years ago. I love, love seeing our old toys come to life again.

It's been a good number of years since we've been to the zoo, and it's so much more fun with a little person leading the way. That's the up-note. The down-note is that they gave me senior discount without asking. (I didn't qualify.)


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