I promised photos from the cruise we just took - Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. First stop was Jamaica and here's a smattering of photos:

This is the view from our cabin, with a deck. Amazed me to see all the activity on the ocean.

Lots of tankers, and we even passed a working oil rig, out in the middle of nowhere!

What the ship stirs up when the engines kick in. Beautiful blue.

Jamaicans drive on the other side of the road, on the other side of the car. Not sure I could do that. 

Our huge ship, sitting in port (Carnival Magic). 

We toured a coffee and pineapple plantation. This is the scenery on the way there. 

Old man. 

Young man. 

Typical countryside dwelling. Loved the colorful clothes hanging out. 

Coffee beans. Oh how I love them!

Beautiful countryside. 


You put 'de lime in the 'de coconut....

Banana tree or plantain as they call it.

Freshest pineapple I'll ever eat!

Red pineapple grown for ornamental purposes. 

The entire farm is hand-planted and maintained. Hard, hard work!


All the school children wear uniforms. 

Port full of boats. 

Beautiful little houses. 

Pulling out of Jamaica. 

Goodbye, beautiful country. Goodbye, beautiful blue waters. 

Night falling across the water.

Jamaica was a beautiful place, more hilly than I expected, lush growth everywhere as I expected. The number one industry is tourism and people there are very accomodating to tourists.

We were traveling with someone who'd had double knee replacement only months before, so we kept our inland tours to a low level of physical activity. At the plantation we tasted the second best coffee I've ever had in my life (Guatemala was better), ate fresh pineapple til it ran down my face, and could have listened to their accent forever. Beautiful brown skin, and smiles that lit up their entire faces. Loved, loved it. 


toni said…
Thanks for sharing the photos. I am so looking forward to our family cruise in December.

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